Chapter 39: HTML Event Attributes

HTML Form Events

Events triggered by actions inside a HTML form (applies to almost all HTML elements, but is most used in form

onblurFires the moment that the element loses focus
onchangeFires the moment when the value of the element is changed
oncontextmenuScript to be run when a context menu is triggered
onfocusFires the moment when the element gets focus
oninputScript to be run when an element gets user input
oninvalidScript to be run when an element is invalid
onresetFires when the Reset button in a form is clicked
onsearchFires when the user writes something in a search field (for )
onselectFires after some text has been selected in an element
onsubmitFires when a form is submitted

Keyboard Events

onkeydownFires when a user is pressing a key
onkeypressFires when a user presses a key
onkeyupFires when a user releases a key

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