How To Add 301 Redirects In WordPress And Avoid 404 Errors

If you have ever changed a URL on your website, or your permalink structure without adding redirects you could have a serious problem on your hands.

But why is this a problem?

Changing URL’s without adding redirects causes problems with search engines like Google, it stops them from indexing your content and can impact your rankings.

It’s also a huge problem for users – if they find a broken link then that’s a lost opportunity for you and it’s frustrating for them, they may never return.

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Use Rsync for Daily, Weekly and Full Monthly Backups

Today, we will be using rsync to make daily, weekly, incremental backups and then a full compressed/archived backup once a month. We will then use cron to automate the process. Lets face it us humans get lazy sometimes and most backup systems loose complete effectiveness if they are not completely automated.

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Free AWS EC2 Ubuntu-Apache-PHP-MySQL setup

Amazon Web Services is an advanced cloud platform which offers lots of features. As cloud platforms go it is mostly for larger projects that need to be able to scale. That said Amazon offers a free tier, which means that you can test out their features for one year for free. Yes, you get cloud services to play with for free! More info on Amazon’s Free Tier page.

AWS can have a slightly steep learning curve if you haven’t worked with cloud administration before so here is a straight forward guide to get your own LAMP box up and running on AWS.

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