Leverage Browser Caching Using Apache on Ubuntu

We are all trying to increase our sites speed and give our users a better experience and one often overlooked method is to leverage browser caching.

For anyone who doesn’t know exactly what we are trying to do here, I’ll try and explain. Browser caching stores elements of internet sites for an amount of your time so as to form them load quicker. For instance, if you look at 10 pages on a website and it has the same background image, logo, social media icons and so on, we can store these in the browser in order that they don’t keep being downloaded.

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Use Rsync for Daily, Weekly and Full Monthly Backups

Today, we will be using rsync to make daily, weekly, incremental backups and then a full compressed/archived backup once a month. We will then use cron to automate the process. Lets face it us humans get lazy sometimes and most backup systems loose complete effectiveness if they are not completely automated.

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Free AWS EC2 Ubuntu-Apache-PHP-MySQL setup

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an advanced cloud platform which offers lots of features. As cloud platforms go it is mostly for larger projects that need to be able to scale. That said Amazon offers a free tier, which means that you can test out their features for one year for free. Yes, you get cloud services to play with for free! More info on Amazon’s Free Tier page.

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