Chapter 41: ARIA


An element whose implicit native role semantics will not be mapped to the accessibility API.

<div style="float:left;">Some content on the left.</div>
<div style="float:right;">Some content on the right</div>
<div role="presentation" style="clear:both;"></div> <!-- Only used to clear floats -->

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Chapter 40: Character Entities

Character Entities in HTML

Many symbols and special characters are required while developing a web page in html, but as we know that
sometimes the use of characters directly may interfere with the actual html code which have certain characters
reserved and also certain characters being not available on keyboard. Thus, to avoid the conflict and at same time
to be able to use different symbols in our code w3 org provides us with ‘Character Entities’.

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Chapter 38: HTML 5 Cache

Basic Example of HTML5 cache

this is our index.html file

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html manifest="index.appcache">

then we will create index.appcache file with below codes


write those files that you want to be cached load index.html then go for offline mode and reload the tab

Note: The two files must be in the same folder in this example

Chapter 37: Global Attributes

classDefines one or more class names for an element. See Classes and IDs.
contenteditableSets whether the content of an element can be edited.
contextmenuDefines a context menu shown when a user right-clicks an element.
dirSets the text direction for text within an element.
draggableSets whether an element can be dragged.
hiddenHides an element not currently in use on the page.
idDefines a unique identifier for an element. See Classes and IDs.
langDefines the language of an element’s content and its text attribute values. See Content
spellcheckSets whether to spell/grammar check the content of an element.
styleDefines a set of inline CSS styles for an element.
tabindexSets the order in which elements on a page are navigated by the tab keyboard shortcut.
titleDefines additional information about an element, generally in the form of tooltip text on
translateDefines whether to translate the content of an element.

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Chapter 36: Tabindex

negativeelement will be focusable, but it should not be reachable via sequential keyboard navigation
0element will be focusable and reachable through keyboard sequential navigation, but it’s relative order is
defined by the platform convention
positiveelement must be focusable and accessible via sequential keyboard navigation; it’s relative order will be
defined by the attribute value: the sequential follow the increasing number of the tabindex

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