The final 12-hours to savings on passes to TC Sessions: Space

Calling out to the die-hard procrastinators, last-minute decision makers and all you head-down-get-it-done types. TC Sessions: Space 2022 takes place next week on December 6, but you have just 12 short hours left before the price of admission heads into a higher stratosphere.

It’s now o’clock: Hop off the fence already and save. Buy a pass before December 2 at 11:59 p.m. PST — while they still cost $199. The price increases to $495 at midnight. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

The event agenda is packed with experts and essential topics across the public, private and defense domains — including our partner sessions. Check them out below.

Bringing It to the Space Warfighting Domain 

Space is playing an ever-greater role in modern warfare and in our broader national security. But delivering those critical space-based capabilities to warfighters and other end users is just one step in the increasingly complex mission life cycle.

From how to incorporate the latest innovations to what role commercial capabilities can play, the way our nation’s space programs acquire, deploy and operate next-generation systems is undergoing profound shifts. Charlie McGillis (Slingshot Aerospace), Jean L. Michael (Aerospace Corporation), Pete Muend (National Reconnaissance Office), Col. Joseph Roth (USSF Space Systems Command) and Christopher A. Solee (United States Space Command) will discuss how these pieces fit together to deliver needed capabilities and the opportunities to drive greater integration for the benefit of all. Sponsored by the Aerospace Corporation.

ISAM: A Commercial Linchpin for the New Space Economy

Large-scale commercial investments will dominate the next wave of space innovation, including commercial space stations in low Earth orbit (LEO) and technologies that will enable a permanent human presence on the moon. The United States has issued a national policy for developing In-Space Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (ISAM) capabilities that can operationally sustain the new space economy with efficiency and scale. This session encourages participants to roll up their sleeves, break past the 411 on ISAM and get practical about how to stimulate ISAM capability development. With Robert Hauge (SpaceLogistics) and Carolyn Mercer (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Sponsored by the Aerospace Corporation.

Space Workforce 2030: Inspiring, Preparing and Employing the Next Generation

The dawning space age offers enormous opportunities to explore new frontiers, grow the economy on orbit and strengthen our security. Making the most of this momentous time calls for an innovative workforce that can leverage diverse experiences and perspectives to solve the hard problems we’ll encounter.

The Space Workforce 2030 pledge is a first-of-its-kind effort launched earlier this year that is bringing together more than 30 of the country’s leading space companies to work collaboratively to increase diversity across our industry to build a vibrant workforce for the future. Hear from Michael Edmonds (Blue Origin), Steve Isakowitz (Aerospace Corporation) and Melanie Stricklan (Slingshot Aerospace) about the work they’re doing to inspire, prepare and employ the next generation of scientists and engineers and how you can play a part in supporting this vital mission. Sponsored by the Aerospace Corporation.

Hardware? What’s That? Why Software Is the Future of the Space Economy

Launch gets all the press, but satellites and the software behind them are the workhorses of space. Hear from Antaris founder/CEO Tom Barton and Epsilon3 founder/CEO Laura Crabtree about how SaaS, open source and cloud-based platforms are revolutionizing the satellite industry and accelerating the space economy. They’ll also share what it’s like to be first-time founders, what it really takes to put good code into space and tips for fellow spacepreneurs. Sponsored by Antaris.

TC Sessions: Space 2022 takes place on December 6 in Los Angeles, but you have only 12 hours left until that $199 deal leaves orbit. Buy your pass by December 2 at 11:59 p.m. PST. The price increases to $495 at midnight. Stop procrastinating and start saving!

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The final 12-hours to savings on passes to TC Sessions: Space by Lauren Simonds originally published on TechCrunch

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