Key Maintenance Tasks for Your WordPress Website

For your WordPress web site to be successful, you’ll got to target quite simply its content and style. Regular maintenance is additionally needed, to stay your website secure and running swimmingly. Over time, however, these maintenance tasks will begin to accumulate and feel a small amount overwhelming.

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How to Change Your WordPress File and Directory Structure

Thanks to the open-source nature of WordPress, anyone – as well as hackers – will research the everyday file structure of a WordPress website and understand exactly wherever to begin an attack.

Fortunately, rearranging your core WordPress file structure is one methodology you’ll be able to use from your security arsenal to combat hacks and bolster your site’s defenses.

So during this post, I’m getting to walk you thru 2 ways that you’ll be able to customize your file structure for single and Multisite installs, furthermore as show you the code you need to bring it all together.

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