Snapchat’s latest Bitmoji Drop features exclusive Adidas merch, but there’s a price tag

Snapchat announced today that it’s partnering with Adidas to launch a new Bitmoji Fashion Drop, giving users access to exclusive merchandise for a limited time. The partnership will allow users to use Snap Tokens to purchase an exclusive Adidas track jacket for their Bitmoji.

Snap Tokens, which were first introduced in 2020, can be purchased within the Snapchat app by clicking on your profile icon and scrolling down to “My Snap Tokens.” You can purchase 80 Tokens for $0.99, 250 Tokens for $2.99, 500 Tokens for $4.99 or 1,100 Tokens for $9.99. Users can claim the Adidas jacket by using 250 Snap Tokens. You have until Friday to claim the exclusive Adidas “Into The Metaverse” track jacket.

Snap Tokens can currently be redeemed for Gifts to send to Creators or for digital goods within games. With this new Bitmoji Drop, users will be able to use their Tokens to unlock exclusive merchandise for their Bitmoji. 

Although this isn’t the first time that Snapchat has run a Bitmoji Drop, it’s the first time that users will have to use Tokens to claim an item in a Bitmoji Drop. The company launched its first Bitmoji Drop in September, giving users a chance to claim an exclusive pair of digital Air Jordan 2 Balvin sneakers. Snap says more than two million people claimed the exclusive digital merchandise before the Drop window closed. With this latest Bitmoji Drop, Snap is betting that some people are willing to pay for exclusive merchandise for their Bitmoji. If enough people are willing to pay, it will open up a new way for Snap to generate revenue.

Image Credits: Snap

As of October 2022, Snapchat has 363 Million daily active users. If only two million users claimed the free Bitmoji Drop, it will be interesting to see just how many users claim the Adidas jacket by redeeming 250 Tokens.

“We are thrilled to introduce this first-of-its-kind Bitmoji Drop in partnership with adidas,” said David Rosenberg, the Director of Bitmoji Strategy at Snap, in a statement. “Unlocking new Bitmoji Fashion experiences presents an exciting opportunity for Snapchatters to get access to exclusive digital fashion and express their unique digital identity, and a new frontier for innovative brand partnerships at Bitmoji scale.”

Users can claim the exclusive Adidas track jacket for their Bitmoji by clicking on their profile icon and tapping on the Adidas Bitmoji Drop banner. From there, you need to tap “claim and wear” to use Tokens to get the jacket. The jacket will then be added to your avatar’s outfit and saved to “My Closet.” If you don’t have enough Tokens to claim the jacket, you will be prompted to purchase more in the Token Shop via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Given that Snap’s Bitmoji avatars are quite popular, it makes sense for the company to use them to further its push into e-commerce, and paid exclusive drops bring a new phase of e-commerce to the app.

Snapchat’s latest Bitmoji Drop features exclusive Adidas merch, but there’s a price tag by Aisha Malik originally published on TechCrunch

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