Meet two of 12 rising startups pitching at Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day

Meet one dozen rising-star startups that are hard at work paving the future of Web3 infrastructure, DeFi, NFT and gaming applications at The Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day on January 11, 2023. This free online event will showcase pitches from 12 projects across the world’s fastest growing industry.

Each startup will have five minutes to pitch to an audience of influential industry investors and founders — just the kind of trajectory-changing exposure every startup needs.

Want to see what some of the best up-and-coming Web3 founders are building? If you wanna know, you gotta go. It’s easy, and it’s free — just register today and then tune in on January 11.

So, which startups will step into the spotlight? We’re ready to reveal two of the 12 projects.

Meet Mentaport — founded by Cynthia Alexander and Mariale Montenegro — a gaming infrastructure platform to create context-aware smart contracts and on-chain parameters for digital assets in a few lines of code. It allows developers and creators to easily set up rules and triggers for dynamic NFTs connected to locations, time events and more. The founders aim to change the future of blockchain gaming.

Meet Verbwire, founded by Justin Bojarski and Bankole Omodunbi. These former hedge fund traders spent decades on Wall Street and left it all behind with one goal in mind: help the next million+ devs dive into Web3. This January, they’ll debut a product that lets anyone, regardless of experience, create and deploy smart contracts.

Join us on January 11 and see for yourself what the brilliant minds behind 12 up-and-coming projects are building. The Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day, which takes place on January 11, 2023, is a joint production between the CCC and TechCrunch. 

Register now for this free online event and reserve your seat at the virtual table.

Meet two of 12 rising startups pitching at Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day by Lauren Simonds originally published on TechCrunch

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