Generative AI’s Magic Leap

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Now that the weird “remember how to work” week is over, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on the year. My goal for this week is to collaborate more, whether that means asking for help or joining forces to tackle a big story. (I needed to say that out loud because it’s easy to play alone in a remote, distributed world).

Here’s what we got into for this week’s Monday episode:

Big Tech: Vista Equity Partners scooped up Duck Creek for $2.6 billion, and that’s not the only billion-dollar figure we’ve seen from them over the past twelve months. Enterprise deals to start off the year? Take notes, startups.
Big Idea: I’m thinking all about generative AI, especially thanks to Rebecca Szkutak’s latest piece: “Whoops! Is generative AI already becoming a bubble?” I talk through the thesis of the piece, why venture always needs a buzzword, and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
And Big Innovation: We end with our roots in the world of startups. I’m talking Magic Leap’s comeback story and a can’t miss Dominic-Madori Davis piece tracking Black founder funding trends. 

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Generative AI’s Magic Leap by Natasha Mascarenhas originally published on TechCrunch

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