Bad Meta! and other TC news

Welcome back to the TechCrunch Podcast. This week Christine Hall is here to talk about how VCs are using ChatGPT and Natasha Lomas comes on to explain why meta is in  regulatory hot water. And as always, Darrell breaks down the biggest stories in tech.

Articles from the episode:

Some investors are (cautiously) implementing ChatGPT in their workflows
Meta’s ads being found unlawful in the EU is a warning to other ad-funded platforms

More from TechCrunch

OpenAI begins piloting ChatGPT Professional, a premium version of its viral chatbot
A big CES 2023 trend: All battery power, everywhere, all the time
Microsoft 365 Basic launches with 100 GB of storage, Outlook and more for $1.99 per month
All US domestic flights grounded as key FAA system goes down

Bad Meta! and other TC news by Darrell Etherington originally published on TechCrunch

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