Airbnb is helping find renters an apartment so they can Airbnb it

Airbnb really wants you to Airbnb an apartment. So its latest step is to find renters a place, which they can also list on the travel booking platform.

Today, the company introduced a new program called ‘Airbnb-friendly apartments’ in the US. It allows renters to find an apartment in more than 25 markets — including Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami San Diego, Sacramento, and Tampa — where they can Airbnb a spare room, or the whole apartment while they’re away.

At the launch, the company partnered with local building owners to list 175 “Airbnb-friendly” apartments across different regions. Renters can head to the company’s dedicated site for the program and hunt for properties in a specific location. Once you select an apartment, you can use an earnings calculator that estimates how much you can earn from listing the place on Airbnb.

Image Credits: Airbnb

You can directly contact the building manager from Airbnb’s site to schedule a tour of the property. On the program FAQ, Airbnb specifies that it doesn’t own any of these properties. It also mentions that renters will have to follow local laws and building rules about putting their place on Airbnb, along with the company’s own community guidelines. Rental and lease agreements are handled directly between landlords and renters, however, with Airbnb staying removed from that part of the process.

Airbnb claimed that in a recent poll conducted by the company — results of which are not public — three-quarters of “US adults support allowing renters to share their apartments on a short-term basis.” The company has presumably struck up a partnership with property owners to allow renters to list their properties on a platform and earn some money from the arrangement. However, Airbnb didn’t disclose specifics of its partnership arrangements.

“Traditionally, renters have been excluded from sharing their homes part-time because of strict lease terms. We think this program will help more renters benefit from Hosting on Airbnb to earn extra money to help cover the rising cost of living,” the company said in an email response.

The travel booking company — which already has more than 4 million hosts on its service — wants to build a vast network of hosts on the platform. Earlier this month, it released new tools for hosts including a guided setup with a super host and better coverage for damages. At that time, CEO Brian Chesky told TechCrunch that he doesn’t want to “get to a supply-constrained era” when it comes to hosts. The Airbnb-friendly apartment program is another way for the company to have more listings on its platform.

Airbnb is helping find renters an apartment so they can Airbnb it by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch

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