Tesla’s latest OTA update adds Steam games, Apple Music, Zoom and a wild light show mode

Tesla owners: Go check your cars. You have some new toys. The latest OTA update added a bunch of features; most notable, Steam, which brings along thousands of games. This app, however, is limited to Model S and X vehicles with 16GB of RAM (only found in vehicles made in 2022).

Elon Musk tweeted in July that Tesla was adding Steam support. The Beta version in this update even adds support for Steam’s cloud synchronization, allowing for games to be resumed in the vehicle or any Steam device. Better yet, the OTA update finally added Bluetooth support gaming controllers while using Arcade Mode. Tesla’s release notes state the PS5 controller works the best.

But this update has something for everyone, too. There’s an updated Dog Mode that allows owners to access the in-vehicle camera from the mobile app. Media controls were relocated, and Apple Music and Zoom was added, too. Tesla also updated the navigation UI, pinning the next turn information window to the top of the screen while the rest of the navigation information is located at the bottom. Drivers can relive Mario Kart memories and drive on a rainbow road, turn signals can automatically turn off and the door handles have new options while parked at home.

And just in time for the holidays, Tesla’s long-popular light show mode now allows it to sync with other Tesla vehicles. Now you and your buddies can line up your Tesla vehicles, and together, they’ll put on a show to the same song. Festive.

Schedule your own Light Show on multiple vehicles simultaneously to create your own orchestra of light pic.twitter.com/mJdUcBmXLm

— Tesla (@Tesla) December 13, 2022

Tesla’s latest OTA update adds Steam games, Apple Music, Zoom and a wild light show mode by Matt Burns originally published on TechCrunch

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